The Republic is being created by a group of likeminded professionals who share the common goal of pushing the world of entertainment forward.

Creator / Dungeon Master Sarah A.S. Elger has assembled a team of theme park attractions designers, artists, writers, engineers, and musicians to make her vision of this exciting new kind of experience a reality.


Sarah A.S. Elger
Dungeon Master: Zeus
Master of Architecture University of Pennsylvania, BA Sculpture Bard College

Phillip Burgos
Schemer: Ares
Mechanical Engineering UCF

Ricky Brigante
Rogue: Hypnos
BS Computer Science Georgia Institute of Technology
Owner, Editor InsideTheMagic.net

Nathanael White
Artisan: Hephaestus
Architecture University of Southern California

Allie Fishman
Show Commander: Athena
Film Production Columbia College Chicago

Greg Nicolett
Bard: Apollo
Music University of Michigan

Eric Garcia & David O'Connell
Makeup FX Artist, Sculptor
"Face Off" Contestant

Kim Lopez, Kerri Carter, Riana Elliott, Cullen Fitzgerald
Costume Designer

Matthew Miller
Technological Advisor

Ray Keim
Graphics Guru

Hera Kan
Puzzle Craftsman: Hera
MA Child Development Tufts, BA Cognitive Science UCLA
Associate Producer Walt Disney Imagineering


Erika Fury is ecstatic to explore her evil side in The Republic Game. She has been seen onstage before in The Queer Diaries at Orlando Fringe and Key of E at Frigid New York. Her alter-ego works on a magical train at a nearby theme park. She would like to thank all the designers for coming up with such a brilliant vision and all her fellow performers for sharing this journey with her.

Steven Finkle is a former alumi of Lindenwood University in Saint Louis MO Where I studied Acting, and Musical Theater. Professional wise I am a former Disneyland Parade and Entertainment Performer. I also was a former Universal Studios Hollywood Actor. Currently I am an Actor for Universal Studios Orlando, and also a Walt Disney World Performer. As well as doing several theater projects outside the theme parks, such as The Republic.

Steven M. Kabick, Jr. - Despite his former military service and current Real Estate career, Steven has always had a calling for the performing arts. He has worked in the entertainment industry ever since he moved to Orlando at the theme parks and attractions. Even during his time in the Coast Guard he performed in several productions, some of which he had lead roles, like "Don't Drink The Water," "Murder Runs in the Family," "Life with 3 Little Letters," "Mere Mortals," "Trifles" and "A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum." He hopes to get good use of his theatrical abilities in Law School this upcoming Fall and his future law career.

Kathryn Fabbroni is an actor living in Orlando after ending her involvement with Pittsburgh winters. Most recently she was seen in "Seasons the Musical". Her interests outside of theater include reading, cats and Thai food. She has a passion for new works and could not be more excited to be a part of The Republic.

Spencer Hojdila is a local performer who tries anything at hand. Having been in films, his own magic show, and learning freestyle, he thinks he isn't very bland. He has lived in Florida most of his life, even though he doesn't like sand, and calls Orlando his home, because that's where he has made his stand. At the end of every performance, if he has made someone smile, that's enough for him, because he feels grand!

Very eager to support and be involved in the next steps in immersive entertainment, Vernon Schmidt is playing the role of Simonides the engineer. Singing, acting, voiceacting, storytelling, performing improv, and creating experiences have all played an important role in his life since childhood. Most known for his work at Medieval Times, he also does smaller productions such as Improv for Christians. He thanks his church Numinous for helping a dreamer become a doer.

Kim Lopez is a Junior at the University of Central Florida majoring in Theatre Studies and Hospitality Management. When not studying she is making costumes for her second life as a cosplayer and sleeping.

Michael Sloan was born in and has been an active part of the Orlando artistic scene for a majority of the 21st century, aside from six years spent living in Chicago and Oregon developing an organic vegan body care business. Beginning his performing career mainly with playing guitar and poetry at open mics, Michael has moved from improvisational songs and poems into professional dancing the past 5 years with several Orlando companies including NAO, Red Right Return, and Coby Project. He has also been a part of the Orlando Fringe festival the past 5 years with both Dog Powered Robot, Poetry Smackdown, playing music on the lawn and volunteering. Occasionally playing local shows or going on tour with BJsings he still exercises his musical talents of ukelele, guitar and vocals. His main passions are creating harmony in community, teaching sustainable skills through entertainment and yoga. He is humbled and excited to get to contribute to the amazing world of The Republic!

Jim Inzirillo is really excited to be part of this crazy experience known as “The Republic” as the Surgeon. You may have also seen him perform at Sak Comedy Lab, Petrified Forest, SeaWorld Entertainment, Disney and The Orlando Fringe Festival. He would like to thank his wife Alana for all her love and support.

Emmi Green is an artist of many trades. Back when he lived in Puerto Rico he worked on Theatre, T.V. and Film as both actor and backstage talent. He also enjoys he creativity through writing, photography, puppetry, stilt walking and painting in his free time. He’s been a part of The Walt Disney Company for 7 years and had the honor of teaching a class called Disney Traditions to the new hires. You might also remember him from Seasonal Holiday Event at Universal Studios.

Gustavo Rodriguez is very excited to be apart of this new Orlando experience. Apart from The Republic, he currently works as an entertainment escort at Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida. He has a passion for music as he plays bass in a local Orlando band, Stereo FM, but he also plays guitar, piano, drums, and he loves to sing. Gustavo has done many theatre projects in highschool (one that he is proud of is his role as the first high school Gomez Addams in Florida in The Addams Family) and hopes to continue pursuing his career as a performer.

Aaron Glogowski is incredibly excited to be a part of this exciting new experiment. A local actor and student in Orlando, he has previously acted in, written, and produced works in Orlando and Clearwater. He would like to welcome you to the beautiful, strange, and twisted world that is The Republic.

Clare Ghezzi is excited to be a part of the amazing cast of The Republic. She is a resident ensemble member at Art’s Sake Acting Studio in Winter Park. You might have also seen her in “The Laramie Project” with Baggy Pants Theater, “Heidi Chronicles” at Mad Cow, “Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding Orlando”, or one of the many Play de Luna’s at Art’s Sake. She wants to thank her friends and family for supporting her dreams.

Keith Traver is an alumnus of The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Florida State University. He is excited to join The Republic as a break from Wilder Days, Shakespeare based New Company. He would like to thank his family, friends, and the ensemble for all their support.

Ada Bobola can be seen performing in theme parks around Central Florida, mainly as Princess Catalina at Medieval Times. She is also a dancer, currently focusing on belly dance with A Magi Temple. She is also skilled in makeup and constantly posts on her Instagram (adaperforms). She is also patiently waiting to hear back from the USF Med School on whether or not they want to interview her.

John Reid Adams is a regular fixture on the Orlando theatre circuit. He's also a seasoned writer with many productions viewable online such as "Afterworld: Survival," "Doctor Who: Thilosiv Burning" and "Doctor Who: A Survivor's Triangle." His murder mystery parody "The Centerpiece" was produced by The Thriller Theater and ran to a sold out run. He also earned acclaim at Time Lord Fest for his live radio play "Doctor Who: Wholesale Strategy."

Corey Volence is very excited to be part of The Republic, what's sure to be a very talked about piece of Orlando theater. Corey has been acting in Orlando for nearly ten years, his most recent roles have been True West (Lee) and the hit Orlando Fringe musical Key of E (Ethan). An aspiring writer, Corey wrote the script for Key Of E and just finished his newest work Grindhouse-A-Go-Go which will premier in Orlando later this year. He hopes you'll enjoy discovering the many stories The Republic has to offer.

Steve R Austin Steve R Austin was born just off of Minot AFB in Minot, ND. After just a few months, he and his family began a tumultuous span of moving wherever the USAF needed them to be, until they landed for the long term in Brandon, FL, a suburb of Tampa. It was there that he found his calling. His experience acting began in early elementary school, when he started performing on stage at his church. He continued performing as lead or featured characters through high school, and then continued his studies at Theatre USF, where he picked up experience performing in everything from Shakespeare to experimental theatre and dance. He also scored some local film roles and started to build experience on set as an extra. He also gained extensive training in staged combat, including hand-to-hand, sword combat and tumbling.

After graduating with his bachelor's degree he continued to perform on stage in local theatre, adding musical theatre to his repertoire and applying his theatre experience in various forms of employment up to and including his time as a high school theatre teacher.

Over the past few years he has renewed his pursuit into film, earning several feature film roles, some online webisode performances, commercials and infomercials.

Lyn Adams is an actress and performer, with over 10 years working in entertainment events, and 3 years on the Orlando stage. Her notable acting credits are as Cousin Geri in the stage adaptation of "Facts of Life Live" at Breakthrough theater, and as Jan Sanderson in Thriller Theater's "I'll Be Back Before Midnight." Lyn is very happy to have joined the Republic family, and looks forward to the many things to come.

Mark J Richman has spent more than 32 years traveling the country as a performer. He hopes to ventually settle down in one location, but the FBI keeps finding him.

Luis Cabrera has always been intrigued with theater and film so participating in The Republic has been a dream come true. The Republic has been a given him insight into the acting world and the development of the characters has been a very exciting experience.

Chris Brown is a writing instructor and actor from central Florida who loves interactive and immersive experiences. With a keen interest in rhetoric, Chris' current projects look at improvisational learning, perspective-making skills, and the importance of trust in communication. He is thrilled to be a part of this powerful cast and crew, and he can't wait to see who you will become once inside The Republic!

Anthony Maury has been in the performing scene since he graduated high school in 2007. Mostly involved in Kissimmee, but he is also seen scaring helpless souls at Halloween Horror Nights each year. He is very ecstatic to be part of this fantastic and unique project and hopes you will all be walking out with smiles on your faces after surviving The Republic!

Michael Corinella

Jana Bernard is so excited to be playing "Medusa, Medusa, The Sedusa." When Jana is not living in the Labyrinth, she's a Musical Theater Major at American University in Washington, DC. Some previous credits include: "Petra" in "A Little Night Music"; "Glinda" in "The Wizard of Oz"; "Doralee" in "9 to 5"; "Dotty" in "Noises Off"; "Herald" in "Marat Sade"; "Dorine" in "Tartuffe", she is the 2013 recipient of "Best Leading Actress in New Jersey" from Papermill Playhouse, and competed in the National Jimmy Awards on Broadway for her role as "Marmee" in "Little Women." Thank you to all the cast and crew of The Republic, and thank you all so much for coming to see our show! Welcome to our little world. Enjoy!


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Tracey Sherwood
Roger Glogowski
Windi Glogowski


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