What ages are appropriate?
The show is Mature (18+) and may contain sensuality, violent moments, suggestive themes, strong language, and graphic images.

How long is experience?
You should expect to spend about 80-90 minutes inside.

Will there be physical contact?
The actors may engage in physical contact with you. You may be kidnapped, blindfolded, picked up, in a safe manner (you will not actually be harmed). If at any time you feel too uncomfortable the safe word of PINEAPPLE is in place. If you decide you must use the safe word, the actor will immeditally release you/stop actions and a member of staff will escort you from the game. You will not be able to return to the game.

What is the level of interactivity?
Each player is expected to act as an individual. You will be fully engaged in the production, running, walking through the maze. You will be required to move props, speak with other players and Non Player Characters, solve puzzles.

What are the rules?
You may speak to whomever you like. You may explore any available areas except those marked with a RED X. You may interact smartly and safely with whatever you find. If you ever wander off and find yourself lost or confused, you may seek guidance from any characters you encounter and they can help you as needed. If you ever feel the need to leave, exclaim the safe word "PINEAPPLE" and you will immediately be escorted out. Note this word works both ways. Performers can call "PINEAPPLE" on you if you misbehave.

Is this a haunted house? Is the experience scary?
This is NOT a horror genre. It is not meant to be scary. However, you will feel uncomfortable and depending on how you test yourself, you may experience elements of fear. You will be safe the entire experience.

Are there special effects?
Yes. There is fog, strobe lights, other lighting effects, steam, other various effects.

Do I really control the story?
Yes. We are constantly watching you throughout the experience and in constant communication with the NPCs. The story and situations will constantly change based on how you make decisions and how you react. There are multiple endings and which outcome you get depends entirely on you and the other players

Are there group ticket discounts?
Yes. Please contact us at: info@therepublicgame.com

What do I do if I don't feel safe?
There is a safe word in place: PINEAPPLE. If you don't feel safe at any moment, yell out this safe word and the situation you are in will immeditally halt. A member of our staff will collect you and escort you off site. There is surveillance throughout the maze and we can see you at all times. You will not be able to return to the game.

Will I learn something?
A purpose of this experience is to take the idea of a risk free video game environment into a more 'real' setting. You are given the opportunity to test yourself and push yourself in uncomfortable environments. You may do something in this game that you never thought you were capable of before. You are meant to learn more about yourself. The more you challenge yourself, the more you will gain from this experience.

What kind of shoes should I wear?
It is recommended you wear comfortable footwear as you will be running/walking most of the experience. However, if you can nail it in heels, go for it.

Is this a good group activity?
This is mostly an individual experience. You will be pulled apart from the people who accompanied you. You may encounter and interact with those people, but you cannot go around together. However, after the experience is over, you can share and exchange information about your different experiences

Do I have to sign a waiver and why?
Each player will need to sign a waiver before entering experience. This waiver is for your safety as well as our NPCs and other players.

Is there a reason to experience this more than once?
Sure, come as much as you would like. We will make sure you are not the same role twice, so please let us know when you arrive.

Is the outcome the same every time?
No, there are multiple endings.